Take Your Bets: Food Trends for 2019

As we begin a new year, one of our favorite items to investigate is the trends for the year, particularly with food. Around December, the media outlets like Eater, Food & Wine, and Nation’s Restaurant News share their predictions for what will be all the rage. But, will they come true?

Whether they’re healthy, hip, or hilarious, we pulled a list of food fads that we’re betting on in 2019:

1. ) Flavorful Ingredients —

It’s all about the senses and global inspiration. Taking some nods from the Silk Road, expect to find a mashup of African, Middle Eastern, and Asian flavors to hit the main stream. Whether it’s finished with garam masala or ras el hanout, expect to have your taste buds challenged. Outside the spice rack, you’ll find fermented foods, native ingredients, and unusual sources of protein (we’re taking about those chirpy crawlers).

2. ) Ghost Restaurants —

We’ve all been there, you go to the nameless fast food joint, because you’re in a jam and staving, and you’re greeted with some ‘tude at the register. Not only does it make you frustrated, it could even ruin your day. Instead, blame technology for all of your grievances. These fully-automated restaurants mean that you will not have to engage with a single human from start to finish. Unless, of course, the Internet is out. Want to check it out for yourself? If you’re in Denver, try birdcall.

3. ) Dining At Home —

We’re 100% behind this movement to eat more at home. We’re not saying that you’re necessarily cooking from everything from scratch — think potlucks, meal kits, and prepared cheese trays, like these amazing concoctions from So Damn Gouda — but if that’s your prerogative, then do it! Plus, it’s about time you dined on those fancy plates.

4. ) Sustainable Packaging —

We all saw the turtle video which sparked the the no-plastic straws campaign, but in 2019 we’re going to demand more. It’s not enough to give us a discount for bring our own bags when we shop, we want stores and delivery companies to be conscientious of how they’re packaging our food. Restaurants and retail stores should find smart partners like VESSEL to lessen their carbon footprint.

5. ) Hold The Booze —

This goes way beyond those fruit juice laden mocktails. Instead, think lower-alcohol varieties like bitters, vermouth, sparkling wine, and shrubs making their way to the forefront of the bar. Don’t get us wrong, that doesn’t mean the happy is being taken out of happy hour. Instead, you’ll be extra happy the next morning.

For all of the 2019 trend predictions,

be sure to peruse our sources.

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