Work-Life Balance is Possible

If you're like the majority of Americans, one of the hardest aspects of life is trying to figure out a balance between your 9 to 5 and what you do in your free time. This work-life balance conundrum isn't something new; it's been a part of our vernacular since the 80's. So, the question becomes, why hasn't anyone been able to master this?

Most likely, the answer to that question stems from our new way of life. In today's go, go, go society there's very little time to let go and unwind. We're constantly being bombarded well after we've gone home for the day due to those fun little devices called smartphones. Since the perfect work-life balance is utterly impossible, there are a few changes that you can implement to alleviate a bit of the daily grind. 

In a recent workshop from Tricia Molloy, she shared her "Seven Strategies for Less Stress." A firm believer that many people suffer from TAT Syndrome, a term she coined that stands for "there's always tomorrow", her techniques help you minimize, prioritize, and harmonize your way to a better life.

To capture the essence of Tricia's strategies, we've provided some suggestions we believe may eliminate some of your daily stressors.

Find yourself.

The key to figuring out who you are is to determine your motivators, values, and natural talents. When you combine these elements, you'll be able to determine your purpose; sometimes the results may be surprising. This will help you ascertain what should be at the top of your priority list and what may be able to fall to the wayside.

Remove the Clutter.

Clutter can come in many forms. Whether it's the physical clutter of cleaning out your garage, the emotional clutter of a negative friend, or the technological clutter of too many apps, you are consciously or subconsciously being bogged down.  To alleviate these stresses, find out what is capturing the most energy. If it's technology, try a sweep of all unnecessary apps, notifications, and alerts. If it's a bad relationship, weight the pros and cons of having that person in your life. If it's the garage, block off a Saturday and hold yourself accountable. Once you've cleared the space, you'll be shocked at how much better you feel.

Focus On Today.

We're all guilty of looking back at the past and thinking, "what if..." Unfortunately, for some, these reflections on what could have happened keep you from reaching your full potential. Instead, try to focus on the great things that are happening now. Keep a daily gratitude journal and highlight your favorite moments. Create an affirmation that you can repeat to yourself while getting ready to stay present. Using these techniques, you'll begin and end your day on a positive note. 

Appreciate Life.

You've heard it a million times before, life is short. Yet, it often takes something jarring like a personal illness or the death of a loved one for that statement to truly sink in. To awaken this hunger for life, try to look at life through a child's lens. For them, everything is new, exciting, and full of adventure. Using this frame of mind, go out and do your regular tasks and see if your senses pick up on new elements you otherwise ignored. Try removing all distractions when having a conversation; give the person you're talking with your full attention and mentally take notes like you would at a meeting. Not only will you be more engaged, you'll make the other person feel appreciated.

By sprinkling a few of these techniques into your life, you'll start to notice how the smallest changes can make the biggest differences. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect work-life balance; instead, always be ready to seize the day!